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Restaurant Le Sablon

We are Manuel (born in Zamora) and Micheline (Belgian). Our culinary education and widening of our culinary knowledge have taken place in important hotels and restaurants in Belgium, ending up carrying out positions of “chef de cuisine” and “maitre de sale” respectively, until 1988 when we opened our own restaurant in the marvellous town of Salamanca.

The restaurant

Le Sablon is a little and cosy restaurant, where harmony combines with elegance and taste captured in an original and creative decoration. The paintings are from the Alicantino painter Miguel Elías, settled down in Salamanca. Our restaurant takes its name of two squares in Brussels: Le Petit Sablon and Le Grand Sablon, located in a neighbourhood of well-known antique dealers and typical restaurants.


Restaurant Le Sablon

Although we don't like labels, we denominate our kitchen "creative with Belgian roots". Because we try to be faithful to our culinary roots, adapting them to the Spanish ingredients and the new tendencies in the kitchen of today.
We always choose products of first quality. We elaborate everything at home; the sauces, dressings, marmalades, ice creams, pastry... absolutely everything with exception of the bread.


Restaurant Le Sablon

We pretend to be a restaurant where you can enjoy a good meal, served with care in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and all this with a relationship price /quality/ quantity difficult to equal.

English menu available and English spoken!

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Restaurant Le Sablon
Calle Espoz y Mina 20 (Plaza de la Libertad) - ver plano
37002 Salamanca
Tel: 923 26 29 52
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