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First-Time Hiring of Personal Trainer

What to Expect

When hiring a personal trainer for the first time, there are many expectations. It is important to be prepared and know what you want out of your sessions with your trainer before signing any contracts or committing to anything. Here are some things that you should expect when engaging in this process for the first time.

The first thing that you should expect is to be very clear about your goals. Many people who are new to personal training do not know what they want out of their sessions with a trainer. They may think that it is just for weight loss, but there are actually many different reasons why people engage in this process.

Personal Trainer

One thing that you can expect when hiring a personal trainer the first time is an evaluation session where your current lifestyle and fitness habits will be assessed thoroughly . This includes measurements such as height, weight, body fat percentage among other things. From these types of assessments , trainers gather information on which areas need improvement or more work so they can create effective workout plans tailored specifically towards your individual needs and wants . You should also make sure to bring along previous physical activity logs, food journals and any other relevant documents so that the trainer can get to know you better as a client.

The next thing you should expect is regular communication with your personal trainer. This includes updates on how your progress is going, what workouts have been scheduled for the week, changes in diet or nutrition and anything else related to your training . It is important that both you and your trainer are on the same page so that there are no surprises along the way – this will only hinder your overall progress.

You should also anticipate meeting with your personal trainer at least twice a week , if not more depending on your specific goals . Sessions typically last around an hour each but it may vary depending on what type of program you decide to go with. If you are working on weight loss, your trainer may have you doing cardio and strength training exercises during each session.

Lastly, always remember to be patient! Results do not happen overnight and as with anything in life, there will be good days and bad days . Progress is made gradually over time so it is important to stick with your program.