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Get a Professional Mover: Hire the Right One

Serving the People: What Makes Good Movers

There are many things that go into being a good mover. Lifting heavy objects, the ability to handle delicate items with care and knowledge of how to pack boxes safely in order to avoid breakage. But there is one criterion that is more important than all others: customer service! Whether you’re loading up your car for a move or unloading it after arriving at your destination, people want their belongings treated with respect and understanding. Here are some ways you can make sure you provide excellent customer service while moving their stuff…

First, you have to be willing to work. You can’t just expect people will pay your hourly rate and then do as little as possible because it’s a slow day at the office. The best movers are hard workers who don’t mind doing whatever is necessary in order to make their customers happy. If that means getting on a ladder or hauling boxes, so be it! When going above and beyond for someone else does not affect your bottom line — which is how good customer service should always work -– you’ll find yourself with more repeat business than ever before.


Second, never assume that something has been packed properly by the client unless they tell you otherwise. Some individuals might think “well I’ve done this many times before, I know how to pack things properly” and that might be true. But just because you’re proficient at packing doesn’t mean your clients are. If it’s their first time moving they may not have the expertise necessary to ensure what is important to them makes it safely onto the truck or arrives in one piece when unpacking boxes. This applies even if your client seems like an expert mover; there’s no way of knowing until you’ve seen all their goods come off the truck unharmed!

Finally, always do whatever you can for a customer — within reason of course — while making sure they understand why certain requests cannot be fulfilled. For example, many people ask movers if they will put together some furniture once it has been unloaded. This may be possible on some occasions, but not every mover has the necessary tools or expertise to complete such a task effectively. While it’s great ask and see what can be done, sometimes your best bet is just saying “no” if you think assembling furniture isn’t safe for either party involved.